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Vocational Evaluation Services

Evaluation II/Comprehensive Vocational EvaluationVocational Assessments given to consumers with disabilities referred to us by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services or Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.  These evaluations are performed at the Achievement Center. The assessments are used to determine a realistic vocational goal for the consumer and develop employment goals and objectives.  Results are used in the preparation of a program plan for the consumer to follow while receiving services from AC-ES. Academic, interest, aptitude, dexterity, job search, and physical capacities tests are administered to consumers and results are contained in a report generated for their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  This is a one-day evaluation, and transportation is furnished by ACES.


Mobile/Limited Vocational EvaluationsVocational Assessments given at various locations in the community. Results are used to determine vocational potential and formulate a realistic vocational goal.  Academic, interest, aptitude, and dexterity tests are administered.  The evaluation is limited to 5 hours.

Extended Evaluation (EIII)If after the standard one-day Evaluation II, there are still questions remaining concerning the consumers potential to work, they can be referred for a more extensive evaluation.  Information gathered can help garner knowledge of things such as transportation reliability, interest in certain types of jobs, desire to work, work attendance, and physical ability to work competitively on a consistent basis.  Training, support, and needed accommodations are identified during the EIII.  This service can occur at AC-ES or solely in the community.  Consumers coming to ACES will be scheduled in work areas at the Center and at training sites in the community during the day. Transportation to and from the Center, as well as to and from training sites, is available to individuals participating in the Center-Based EIII.  If referred for a community based EIII, consumers will be responsible for their own transportation to the business in the community chosen for the evaluation. Consumers earn minimum wage while in work areas.