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Service Design, Eligibility, Availability, and Cost

Design and Eligibility-The Achievement Center offers services to a variety of populations. Please refer to the following admittance criteria when deciding on the most appropriate source to refer the potential consumer. In the event a waiting list becomes necessary in any program, the first person on the list will receive services upon availability. The only exception will be if a potential consumer is determined by the Director of Vocational Services to be in an emergency situation, therefore propelling them to the top of the list. To learn more about our organization, a tour can be scheduled by calling to make an appointment or you can visit our website at www.achievement-center.org.

Vocational Service participants must meet eligibility requirements of the referral source, be able to care for own personal needs or have a personal care assistant, be able to benefit from services, behave in a manner that is not disruptive to the progression of other consumer’s programs, and be at least 16 years of age.  If receiving wages from AC-ES during evaluation or training, the participant must pass a drug test administered by AC-ES.

Certified Nurse Aide Students must meet eligibility requirements of the referral source; be able to read, write, comprehend, and demonstrate understanding of medical problems, procedures, and skills needed in the care of patients; able to use the metric system and solve mathematical word problems; score at least 6th grade level on the math portion of the TABE and the 6th grade level on the reading portion of the TABE ; criminal background check with no felonies; negative drug screen; TB negative; 17 years or older and meet the “Minimum Physical Performance Standards for CNA Class Participation”. There is a limit of 8 students per class. The Director of Vocational Services is responsible for making the final determination on admittance approval. Classes run in five-week cycles and wait time is dependent on slot availability.

Availability-Participants will be contacted within a week of receiving the referral to set a start date.  Vocational Services will begin on a first come, first serve basis.  Intakes should be performed within a week of contact.  Employment Skills Training classes are pre-scheduled and will be posted on the website.  Start dates can also be given by calling the Achievement Center (334) 745-3501.

The Director of Vocational Services is responsible for making the final determination on admittance approval for Vocational Services and Employment Skills Training Classes.

Cost-Services are provided free of charge to consumers referred by Vocational Rehabilitation, the Career Centers, East Alabama Health, or Southern Union Community College. Forklift Training and Certified Nurse Aide Classes have a private pay option.  Fees are posted in the detailed description of each service.