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Center Based Services

 Job ReadinessA class used to develop pre-employment and job readiness skills.  Individuals may learn how to write a resume and cover letters, complete job applications, search for employment, and answer interview questions.  Appearance, appropriate dress, socialization, work terminology, and work ethics are also presented.

Janitorial Service Training- A Training area designed to teach skills and techniques needed in the housekeeping/custodial profession. Consumers are taught to sweep, mop, buff floors, clean restrooms, dust, and clean windows.

Production Training–The Achievement Center has assembly/production contracts with several businesses in the local area.  To further evaluate and develop work habits, speed, skills, and physical tolerance, consumers are scheduled on a part day or full day basis to train in the work shop to help the center meet production obligations. 

Program ManagementThe employment training program at AC-ES is intended to equip consumers with the tools needed to obtain a job, develop job skills, understand what is expected of them on a job, learn work values that are desired by employers, and how to retain employment.  This is accomplished through classes and actual paid work experiences.  The program manager counsels and guides the consumer as they progress through their program. The consumer can come to the program manager with personal problems that are making it difficult for them to work or with concerns they have related to their program at AC-ES.  The consumer, training area supervisors, and referral counselor all work together to prepare the consumer for competitive employment.  Assistance with non-work-related matters such as housing, mental health appointments, medical appointments, medication compliance, childcare, social security procurement or benefit explanation, application for food stamps or and governmental benefits is also a part of Program Management.  The program manager is at the hub of the wheel, assuring that communication flows freely and all aspects of the consumer’s training program run smoothly.

Community Based Training- Consumers receive job training at businesses in the community who partner with AC-ES.  This service provides consumers an opportunity to develop acceptable work habits in a community environment.  Consumers earn minimum wage while at the training site.  AC-ES staff  transports the consumer to and from the site, and the Program Manager follows-up with the training site to get feedback that is used to reinforce lessons learned at the site.  Knowledge, experience, and skills learned can be transferred to other jobs if an employment offer is not extended at the training site.

Transportation-Transportation to and from AC-ES is available to consumers while they are participating in our in-house ED program.  Busses and vans run daily on set routs to the counties we serve