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Achievement Center Easterseals Services Provided

Services Provided-The Achievement Center –Easterseals (AC-ES) provides the following employment outcome related services to persons with disabilities referred to us by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. Community based services are performed in the community, and the employability development services and evaluation services are offered at our physical location. We also accept referrals for our Certified Nursing Aide Class from the Alabama Career Centers to persons who are economically disadvantaged.

Community Based Services

Job Preparation/ Job Development- A Job Developer is assigned to each consumer. The Job Developer has knowledge of the labor market and has developed contacts and relationships with area businesses. Based on the consumer’s interests and abilities, a job match is found. A Job Developer assists the consumer with resume development, application completion, transportation to interviews, job leads, job readiness/interviewing skills, on the job training, job coaching, employer education about disabilities, assistive technology, and job searching.

Center Based Services

Job Readiness- A class used to develop pre-employment and job readiness skills. Individuals may learn how to write a resume and cover letters, complete job applications, search for employment, and answer interview questions. Appearance, appropriate dress, socialization, work terminology, and work ethics are also presented.

Vocational Evaluation Services

Mobile/Limited Vocational Evaluations-Vocational Assessments given at various locations in the community. Results are used to determine vocational potential and formulate a realistic vocational goal. Academic, interest, aptitude, and dexterity tests are administered. The evaluation is limited to 5 hours.

Transition Services

Career Interest Inventory- Inventories given to transition students still enrolled in high school and being served by an Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services or Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency counselor. The students may come to AC-ES to complete the inventory, or our evaluator will schedule a time for the inventory to be given at the school.

Employment Skills Training Services

(Certificate Programs)

Forklift Training–A course designed to provide knowledge and skill necessary to safely operate a forklift in the workplace.

Certified Nurse Assistant–The CNA class prepares students to achieve the level of healthcare/science knowledge, patient care skills, and abilities that are needed and required to provide basic care to patients/residents in long term care facilities.

Vocational Services

Placement Services

  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Retention
  • Extended Evaluation
  • Supported Employment (GA)
  • Community Based Training Sites
  • Community Based Work Evaluation 

Vocational Evaluation

  • School Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Voc. 
  • Evaluation
  • Extended In-House & Community Based Evaluation
  • Workkeys
  • Mobile Evaluation

Employability Development

  • Maintaining Employment
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Resume Preparation
  • Using Banking Services
  • Adult Education
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Driver’s Education

  • Cashiering
  • Janitorial Service Training
  • Landscaping/Ground & Building Maintenance
  • Production Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Community Based Training
  • Summer Transition Program

Industrial Services

  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Inspection
  • Sorting
  • Autobagging
  • Wood Products

Employment Skills Training

Certified Nurse Aide 

  • (CNA) Class Click here for more information
  • Forklift Training

Transition Services

  • Jets Summer Program
  • Vocational Training Program
  • Smart Work Ethics (school based)
  • Career Interest Inventories